Woodbridge, Va., October 20, 2014 – Momentum Aviation Group (MAG), a U.S.-based premier provider of Aviation Training, Aerial Sensing, and ISR Support and Training, announced that it has joined ASSURE (The Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence).


ASSURE consists of eighteen of the world’s leading research universities and one hundred leading industry/government partners as shown in the image above. ASSURE members are core to three FAA UAS test sites, lead four FAA research centers, have seven airfields and a 340 UAS fleet -24 more UAS than the USAF.

The alliance has expertise in a wide-range of research areas including: Air traffic control interoperability, UAS airport ground operations, control and communications, detect and avoid, human factors, UAS noise reduction, UAS wake signatures, unmanned aircraft pilot training and certification, low altitude operations safety, spectrum management and UAS traffic management.

By providing the Federal Aviation Administration the research they need to efficiently integrate unmanned aerial systems into their National Airspace System in a quick, safe, and effective manner, ASSURE can help the Unmanned Aerial System market grow into its multi-billion dollar market while getting UAS to fly alongside aircraft all around the world.

Due to the current U.S air traffic control system not being well equipped to handle UAS traffic, it emphasizes the importance of the Next Generation Air Transportation System, allowing UAS to operate safely and efficiently inside domestic airspace. There are different project categories for research conducted by Assure members and partners which include: Air Traffic Control Interoperability, Airport Ground Operations, Control and Communication, Detect and Avoid (DAA), Human Factors, Low Altitude Operations Safety, Noise Reduction, Spectrum Management, UAS Crew Training and Certification Including Pilots, UAS Traffic Management, and UAS Wake Separation Standards for UAS Integration into the NAS.

“We are excited to be part of ASSURE and look forward to working with our partners to safely bring commercial UAS operations to the United States”  said France Hoang, Chief Strategy Officer for MAG.

To read more about ASSURE, visit their website.

About MAG:

MAG is a leader in providing and enabling global situational awareness. Privately equity backed by the Clairvest Group, MAG delivers Manned Aerial Sensing (Airborne ISR), Unmanned Aerial Aensing (UAS), Aviation Training(Aviation FID), Aviation Logistics, and Training and Exercise Services to Federal, Global, and Commercial Customers around the world.

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