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Integration & Certification

MAG provides products and services that meet the most complex and demanding military, law enforcement, public safety, and commercial requirements with strict adherence to rigorous FAA and other international authority standards. A rapid deployment team is fully equipped to execute, inspect, and certify the installation of surveillance systems on a wide range of special operations vehicles at a MAG completion facility or customer location. Our qualified in-house team of installation and integration experts is specifically licensed and experienced in the execution of the FAA compliance process. This includes the Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR), Designated Engineering Representative (DER), Inspection Authorized Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics (IA-A&P) working together to ensure all applicable standards are met to receive FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs).

North american surveillance systems INTEGRATION & CERTIFICATION

What MAG Provides

MAG provides a combination of technical, tactical, and intelligence expertise that is complemented by a customer-focused approach.  Our experience and understanding of complex ISR missions maximizes on-task time and minimizes inefficiencies and administrative waste.  MAG focuses on the customer’s goals and objectives for the ISR mission – we do not fly to count the flight hours – we fly to provide our customers with better situational awareness.

MAG provides products and services that meet the most complex and demanding military, law enforcement, public safety, and commercial requirements. Rapid deployment teams are ready to execute and certify the installation of special mission systems on a wide range of fixed and rotary wing aircraft and UAVs at either MAG completion facility or customer location. Our exceptionally qualified, highly experienced modification experts are FAA licensed. Our Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics, Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) and Designated Engineering Representative (DER), ensure that all applicable FAA standards are met.


MAG is driven and guided by our core values of Serve-Win-Perform™


MAG can manufacture any part needed utilizing:
CNC Machining


Cable Harness Assembly
3D Printing
3D Laser Scanning

Parts Kitting

The key to successful ISR activities is an ISR plan that is developed based on well reasoned analysis, driven by your requirements, focused on your directed tasks, and tied to your anticipated decisions or intended actions.

We are fundamentally about ensuring the right sensors are positioned at the right place at the right time to provide the right feedback about activities within your area of operations.

We work to shorten the collection cycle on board the aircraft and with mission analysts on the ground. This enables us to improve performance and dictate favorable outcomes for you.

High resolution imagery is only the beginning. Instead of focusing entirely on advanced sensors and integrating new phenomenology, which can actually impede dynamic operations, we look at how we treat information once we have it.

We analyze collected information and present products, conclusions, or projections regarding the operational environment in a format the enables you to achieve situational understanding.


MAG successfully provides special mission solutions for highly discerning and demanding customers worldwide


MAG technical personnel have more than 12 years of aircraft modification experience on over 85 aircraft types in more than 20 countries around the globe


MAG is aircraft and component agnostic. We complete the mods directed by the customer and return the aircraft to service in accordance with all applicable directives


MAG is prepared to provide turnkey solution for the customer. We can provide the full range of support including requirement analysis and consultation, design, engineering, procurement, modification, test, and delivery


MAG engineering and technical personnel are among the most experienced in the industry

TACTICAL Experience

MAG field personnel have extensive tactical experience and are fully capable of working in austere locations and high-threat environments


MAG’s engineering, design, modification, and test capability is unsurpassed in the industry


MAG learns and understands its customers’ mission first, then develops solutions


MAG executes every aircraft modification in accordance with our proven tenants for operational excellence


MAG provide cost-efficient, secure, and reliable solutions for mission-critical voice, video and data through a variety of means


MAG technicians are skilled in the integration of multiple sensors to produce a functional “Multi-Int” platform


MAG can integrate a wide variety of sensors and radios to ensure effective transmission of data between air and ground forces


MAG can rapidly establish surveillance programs that integrate with customer systems and processes


MAG does what we say — as evidenced by 10+ years of exceptional performance for a multitude of US and international customers


MAG has rapid access to fixed wing aircraft capable of meeting a wide range of customer needs and missions


MAG’s certifications include FAA licensed technicians, FAA Part 145 Repair Station, AS-9100 Quality Management System, ISO 9001 certified, DCMA and DCAA approved facilities and processes


MAG’s highest priority is keeping our people and partners safe—a priority enshrined in our systems, procedures, and culture

EXPORT Compliance

MAG has a robust export compliance team to ensure ITAR compliance


MAG can operate in challenging, remote, and complex locations


MAG’s service is responsive and on-demand — performed efficiently with the flexibility to scale up if needed


Tip to Tail Solutions

MAG provides special mission system integration to multi-mission platforms that deliver results.
Part 145 Repair Station | Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA) | AS9100D Certification | FAA / MIL-STD / AS9110 Design Practices | ANSI / IEEE / MIL-STD-100 Drawing Practices | Technical Data Package (TDP) development | Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) development | Rapid Prototyping | Structural, Electrical Load, FEA, Co-Site Analysis | Repair Scheme and Battle Damage Assessment | Engineering Change Process (ECP) Class I & II


Past Platform Experience
DHC-8 400 | DHC-8 300 | DHC-6 Twin Otter | Global Express | G650 | King Air B300 | C208 Caravan | AS332 Super Puma | UH-60 Black Hawk | S-92 Superhawk | Mi-8/Mi-17


Past Equipment Experience
Special Mission Mods – ISR / Mobility / Airdrop / Medevac / Weapons | NVIS / Covert Lighting | Comm Systems- LOS / BLOS | Navigation Systems | Avionic Upgrade / Modernization | Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) | COMINT / SIGINT | Weapon Systems | Mission Management Systems


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