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MAG Aerospace (MAG) and Boldend successfully completed airborne integration and testing of Boldend’s unique cyber capabilities on an airborne platform.  The test was conducted in an undisclosed-controlled environment that combined Boldend’s best in class cyber offerings with MAG’s premier engineering and operational solutions to deliver leading edge technological advances for our customers.   MAG and Boldend conducted the test to integrate cyberspace operations, electronic warfare (EW), intelligence, and information operations (IO) to replicate support operations across multiple domains, the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), and the information environment.

The test was conducted to not only demonstrate the ability of the tool to successfully operate at altitude and speed on an airborne platform; but, demonstrated both companies’ ability to  rapidly prototype, integrate, and connect next generation technology in a swift and reliable manner. The concept was designed, prototyped, integrated, and successfully executed within 7 days to replicate agile combat employment of a next generation sensor.   The test was an overwhelming success with the sensor able to conduct both passive and active collection with enhancements of speed, expansion, and data integration planned in the next design spirals between the companies.

About MAG Aerospace
MAG Aerospace, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, is a leader in delivering Full-Spectrum Joint Domain Command and Control Services with premier engineering and operational solutions around the world to help its customers make the world smaller and safer. MAG delivers all domain solutions through our technology innovation centers and a team of 1,200+ C5ISR professionals on six continents supporting our mission partners. For more information on MAG Aerospace, please visit

About Boldend
Boldend is an electronic warfare cyberspace company servicing United States Government (USG) customers. Boldend leverages the best in class commercial cyber capabilities to bring agility and speed for faster deployment of unique cyber capabilities to meet US Government mission needs.  Boldend‘s continuous innovation and automation of esoteric tasks in cyber space prevent the bottlenecks that normally slow development and fielding of new capabilities.  Boldend currently supports customers within the US Intelligence Community and US Cyber Command.