Huntsville, Alabama – May 28, 2021 – MAG Aerospace is proud to donate an Autel EVO II drone with EO & IR capabilities to the Marshall County Alabama Sheriff’s department, valued at $8,000.

Marshall County is local to MAG Aerospace operations in Huntsville, Alabama. The Sheriff’s Office was in need of the additional capabilities but were unable to acquire a drone with their current budget. With MAG’s donation, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office furthers their capabilities in crime scene investigations, re-creations, search-and-rescue, as well as general surveillance while apprehending suspects.

Additionally, MAG is providing three phases of UAS training to several Marshall County officers. Initial training covered basic drone operations as well as advanced techniques and procedures, basic airspace management, camera operation, maintenance, and much more. Intermediate follow-on training in following weeks will cover building a UAS program, components of a UAS program, resource management, and more. A final transition to advanced hands-on training will introduce the integration of the EVO II into their daily operations by developing advanced tactics, techniques, and employment procedures for their drone.  MAG will continue to provide guidance as needed as well as general support and advisement on their drone program.

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