Alberta, CanadaMay 23, 2019 – MAG Canada, with support provided by the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, successfully completed the province of Alberta’s Hinton test grid.

The Hinton test grid, located in Northwestern Alberta, is a mandatory requirement for vendors wishing to provide infra-red scanning services within the province of Alberta. The grid confirms performance in three areas: Detection, Accuracy, and Efficiency. The test consists of a 500m x 2000m test area populated with a random number of simulated hotspots scattered throughout the dense terrain of the “grid”.

After nearly six months of planning and preparation, which included the selection and integration of an entirely new sensor system, the MAG Canada crew surpassed all expectations and successfully passed the test grid. 17 out of 18 hotspots were detected with an average GPS error of less than 5m, and MAG Canada delivered their map product in less than 60 minutes of landing.  As a result, MAG Canada achieved the one of the highest GPS score and detection rates of the 2019 season.

The test grid qualified a MAG Canada sensor operator and certified the aircraft/sensor package to perform IR scanning in support of wildfire operations in the province of Alberta.

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