By George Gazin Posted in Featured Permalink

MAG Aerospace SMT, headquartered at our Hangar based Training Facility in the Southern Pines, NC Area just 40 mins from Fort Bragg, NC-launched the newly established Kinetic Strike Training Program (KSTP) last week with a successful training evolution consisting of F3EAD focused academics, practical exercises, and Live-Fly scenarios. The KSTP found its early success by creating a solid foundation of knowledge and confidence in a dedicated Battalion sized Staff from the SOF enterprise. The attending Unit departed as a different team based on their newly honed ability to skillfully communicate in a TOC/JOC, analyze and determine correct employment solutions, prevent collateral effects, and provide the absolute best solution to the Commander / TEA.

The foundational integrity of KSTP operates on the shoulders of vast experience and critical levels of understanding across a 10 person team of experts. MAG Teammates include senior SOF JTAC SMEs, highly experienced F3EAD Staff members from multiple theatres, AFSOC MQ-9 Instructor Pilots, Mission Sensor Operators, ISR Instructors, as well as Command / TEA training advisors.

We are also able stimulate and assist Units that require training or validation in advanced TTP/SOP development, as we are in the final stages of Live-Fly MQ-9 and MAG Aircraft integration.

MAG SMT looks forward to the critical responsibility of enabling readiness in this highly sensitive mission set, and we will continue to bring you success by being the most experienced, efficient, realistic, and cost-effective team in the Kinetic Strike Training Arena.