Full Spectrum UAS Services

MAG operates, deploys, and maintains unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for customers all across the globe. We provide our customers the full spectrum of UAS operations: pilots and mission systems operators; maintenance for UAS; sensors and ground control stations; logistics and support; and site and program management.


What MAG Provides

Our experienced team has proven performance throughout the world is operationalizing technology to provide our customers real time situational awareness.

Selection and deployment of UAS platform

Support of multiple mission profiles both over land and over water using UAS

Operational experience with multiple US and foreign sensor, OEMs, and UAV manufacturers

Provide large scale inventory control and maintenance and repair operations support for UAS fleets

Provide Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED)

Deployment of turnkey unmanned ISR solutions worldwide


Technology Agnostic

MAG’s technology agnostic approach offers the best solutions across a broad range of missions
Large UAS Platforms
Medium UAS Platforms

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