Our Mission

MAG provides and enables real-time situational awareness to help its customers make the world smaller and safer

Our Values

At MAG, service is our first and foremost value.

We expect everyone to act as if they are under a higher authority than themselves, choosing the hard right over the easy wrong even if it’s not the best interest of the company or individual interests. We choose our actions based on ethics and integrity. In serving our country, we are patriots. We count ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to serve a nation that has brought freedom and hope to countless millions throughout the globe. Although we often work for other governments, we never do work for customers whose interests aren’t aligned with those of the USA. We are patriots first and foremost and believe in the values of democracy and freedom. We won’t do anything that’s averse to those values.

We honor our competitive nature.

We are driven to be the very best at what we do, every day. Winning is what makes a happy and successful MAG employee. This is more than acceptable — this is something that we reinforce. Being competitive is one of those things that has made America great, and it will always be one of the things that makes MAG great.

Perform or be replaced.

MAG hires those who hear this adage and love it. Carrying no dead wood means MAG employees won’t have to do anyone else’s work but their own. At MAG, we’ve built a culture where people advance not based on who they know, their financial status, what degrees they have, or where they come from, but instead based on how they perform.