The B200T is multi-engine, with a pressurized cabin sufficient to accommodate all ISR and supporting mission equipment, operator workstations and mission personnel. The aircraft is equipped for both day and night Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

The B200T was developed specifically for aerial surveying/reconnaissance. The ‘T’ represents its ISR status and includes:

  • Changes to the belly aft of the wing allowing photography with a vertical camera
  • Provision for a surveillance radar in a pod under the fuselage
  • Inclusion of an electro-optical (EO) and infra-red (IR) turre
  • Dome-shaped windows on the sides of the rear fuselage to allow observation

The B200T has a 190 L usable capacity fuel tank on each wingtip to increase the aircrafts range and is suitable for the initial FFA missions

  • Manufacturer Beechcraft
  • Cruising Speed 240 knots
  • Range 2,075 miles
  • Empty Weight 7,755 lbs