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Woodbridge, VA., October 12,2015- Momentum Aerospace Group (MAG) ( is seeking experienced pilots to fly King Air 300/350 aircraft for its OCONUS flight operations. The work location will be at various locations in Afghanistan. Standard rotations will be 60 days on with approximately 60 days off.

Candidates must possess past or current designation as an aircraft commander in the applicable model aircraft. They will serve as Pilot-in-Command, Co-Pilot, Functional Check Pilot, or Trainer as required depending on daily mission requirements.

Candidates are expected to perform at all phases of flight to include pre-mission planning and briefing, aircraft pre-flight, conduct the flight safely and efficiently in support of the organization, post-flight, and post-mission briefing.

All candidates are expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism for safety, hands-on skills, Crew Resource Management (CRM), and must have the ability to positively communicate with the customer.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Operate aircraft in accordance with applicable regulations and procedures (e.g., DCMA 8210.1, FARs and Ground and Flight Operations Procedures (GFOPs)).
  • Complete designated mission; FCF, engineering, instructional, operational, etc. flights in a safe and professional manner.
  • Positive communication with the customer, ATC and fellow team members.
  • Perform flights in varying weather conditions, day and night.
  • Meet applicable physical and physiological requirements.
  • Support the organization with other areas of experience such as trainer, safety officer or functional check pilot.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 21 years of age
  • US Citizen
  • Current US Passport with available pages for extra documentation.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Possess a valid FAA license.
  • Possess a current military or FAA Class II medical.
  • Possess appropriate Type rating from accredited training facility or DoD training program (Service Qualification Courses-i.e. FWAATS, EMARSS, or F4 SEMA)
  • Minimum of 1500 hours in ME with a minimum of 300 hours as PIC in Aircraft type or similar.
  • Must have an active federal government clearance-TS/SCI preferred

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior PC experience in OCONUS ISR operations.
  • Prior international flight experience
  • Prior US military instructor, maintenance or safety officer.
  • Prior experience with AR 95-20 / DCMA 8210.1 operations.

Incumbent CACI/L3 Pilots:

  • Tier III-Daily Rate employees
  • $800 per day OCONUS
  • $400 per day Travel/CRC/Training
  • 401K (4% match)
  • 60/60 rotation
  • Armed IAW theater arming policy (while flying)
  • Commercial Air Travel except CRC flight
  • Extra duty pay up to $825/$425 for designated individuals: Instructor Pilots/Maintenance Test Pilots/ Aviation Safety Officer

New Hires:

  • Tier III-Daily Rate Employees
  • $800 per day OCONUS initially
  • $400 per day CONUS/Travel/CRC/Training initially (CONUS daily pay begins upon start of CRC)
  • For pilots who need training, MAG will pay for training (travel/per diem)
  • 401K (4% match)
  • 60/60 rotation
  • Armed IAW theater arming policy (while flying)
  • Commercial Air Travel except CRC flight.

If interested, apply at JS Firm (HOT JOBS-MARSS PILOT CONTRACT AWARD):,+International+Afghanistan-International/jobID_264827

In country hiring/onboarding will begin 12 October, 2015.  Please have direct deposit account, beneficiary, and state tax info available.


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