MAG Aerospace introduces the multi-role MC-208 Guardian

Designed to meet the challenges of special operations and multi-role missions around the world

  • Built on one of the world’s best-known platforms
  • Developed by a leader in integration and ISR and with firsthand knowledge of the special operations mission
  • Integration of equipment allows for quick reconfiguration in the field
  • Mature global supply chain to support the aircraft and engine improves mission capability, planning, and risk preparedness
  • Ready today to support ISR, Air Mobility, CASEVAC/MEDEVAC, Armed Reconnaissance, Strike Coordination and Precision Strike
MAG’s MC-208 Guardian is bolstered by its ease of deployment, a small logistical footprint, low cost, simple operations, and the ability to land in short, austere runways. A key differentiator for the Guardian is its spacious fuselage, allowing for quick infiltration/exfiltration, CASEVAC, and cargo transport, while still being compact enough to remain transportable by C-17. With its unique intelligence configuration, it can send targeting information and data regarding troop movement and quickly adapt its sensors and weapons to various mission requirements.

1. Crew Operation & Safety

  • 2 crew positions for IFR operations
  • Auto-pilot able to control ISR flight orbit
  • Oxygen capacity for 2 crew members for 8 hours

2. Mission Communications

  • BLOS for global reach
  • Multiple, secure communication channels
  • Time-synchronized digital recording of cockpit audio & MFD data for playback

3. Certifications & Use

  • USAF SEEK EAGLE certified
  • Air-operable roll up door to allow for air drop, CASEVAC/MEDEVAC

4. Range, Endurance & Reliability

  • Extended range with auxiliary fuel tank
  • 8-hour total mission duration – ensuring range, TOS, weapons support
  • Proven baseline platform with global supply chain

5. Weapons Integration

  • 4 weapons-capable hardpoints
  • Integrated HD FMV/EO/IR for laser designation

6. Operation in Austere Conditions

  • Proven, rugged and flexible platform
  • Able to take off and land on short, austere runways

Providing versatility, reliability and economy in a single platform

Assembly and disassembly can be done in the field
12-hour breakdown /
12-hour assembly
C-17 transport
Proven baseline platform with global supply chain for
aircraft, engine
98% historical availability rate
$420/flight hour
Turnkey, technology agnostic approach for best value

The equipment and services described herein may require U.S. Government authorization for export purposes. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.